Food… is a pretty controversial topic for pets. Everyone does his own thing……

Food… is a pretty controversial topic for pets. Everyone does his own thing… One likes the convenient dry food, canned food and others give leftovers from dinner… then there are niche products with e.g. food made of insects, there is vegan feeding and on the other side various forms of raw feeding…
I do not claim to know it all, don’t judge you for your own choice of feeding. Over the past 23 years I have tested different methods and I have found BARF works for us.
It is a method of raw feeding, where meat is mixed with vegetables, oil, intestines, fat, bones, fruit and other nutrients to give the animal all the stuff it needs.
Here is what our 4 dogs eat each day.
As You can easily see there are different types of eaters. Some take their time and others just eat the whole bowl in a handful of seconds.
I am certain Your dog fits one of these categories 😆
I do not want to spoil the video, but as I basically cut the feeding at each dog after 9 seconds, who do You think was fastest? Who was the most fun to watch and who would you take to dinner into that fine restaurant you always wanted to go to?
I really like how raw feeding works for us now. We have become routined and the meals are prepared very quick. The dogs are really crazy about our BARF from @lico.nature
Ninja has always been a very picky and slow eater, just as I am (more picky than slow). It took him a bit longer, but he ate it all and asked for a refill 😆
I like that we know exactly what we feed our dogs. There are no additives, no extrusions , no high temperatures and that leaves the nutrients in the food in a way that can easily digested.
Lico Nature provides an easy and convenient solution for BARF.
If You would like to test it out, you can use the promotion code:
to save 10% of Your order at @lico.nature
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  2. Let me ask you please…What is thee amount pound wise they eat in a day? And can u tell me if it’s twice a day or once a day? Thank you

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