Father Ninja and Son Hadez ( ). . As You may have seen Nox from got puppies fro…

Father Ninja and Son Hadez (@kaihu_und_hadez ).
As You may have seen Nox from @furry.road got puppies from Ninja.
Since the my mailbox is somewhat filled with requests 😆 I just want to let You know that You can check for more info there.
I am not the breeder and cannot provide You with a puppy, I do not know if they are all reserved (which I assume they already are).
If I can make so.e suggestions a message like „You got pups? Are You shipping?“ is not a request I would take serious as a breeder. I would want my pups to get into good homes, where they can stay forever.
When Your first concern is looks, shipping, price then I am not certain You’d be my first choice to get a puppy…
Also all the requests for matings, sadly for Ninja not for me 😜, that originate from different continents puzzle me at times.
If I would plan a mating I would check if it was distance wise possible, then I would ask some health related questions, check papers, exams ask about character of the animal (well Ninja’s is well documented here) and then ask about all the other stuff.
Some are like „I have a female you a male“… then You check up and it’s literally on the other side of the earth in Australia 🤔⁉️
Some breeders announce litters with Ninja that I know nothing of and plaster their own litters on the first pictures Ninja litters and I am like 🤔⁉️
I guess what I am trying to say is that it helps to make some basic checks first. Not that I do not like to help.people… I think I caught up almost on all messages and want to keep it that way, but it helps advanced questions if I do not need to spend so much time asking the most basic ones. Use some effort to let people know why you want something and the possible outcome is much more positive if you put some effort into your request.
Sorry, I do not want to sound negative 😊 Recall those pictures of Ninja in Cherry Blossoms? It seems they are blossoming here in Mainz right now so we will be in Finthen trying to get some new ones 😊
As You can see in today’s story it is pretty much spring here already.


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  2. thank you for this post because I know how many rude message Nyo gets with people asking for the price of a puppy without even saying a „hello“ to her…!

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