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I am kind of hard to reach at times and sometimes I am busy, unable to reply to ingame questions or mails. Often it is the same questions over and over, so I thought it would be best to provide a central place where they could be asked and answered. Also this would be a better solution that to look through recent search queries and answer questions a few days after the visitor left the site.

So! Go ahead and ask your World of Warcraft related question or give an answer in the form below.

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    1. Enhancement Shaman need 17% Spell Hit to reach the cap:

      – 17% Spell Hit equals 1742 Spell Hit Rating
      – Draenei need only 16% Spell Hit, which equals 1640 Spell Hit Rating

      If you have Elemental Precision (Increases your Fire, Frost and Nature damage by 3% and grants you spell hit rating equal to 100% of any Spirit gained from items or effects), you can subtract the Spirit from your +stats to chest enchant.
      For example: a Draenei Enhancement Shaman with +20 stats to chest needs only 1620 spell hit rating.

    1. Enhancement Shamans, like other melees need 26 Expertise to no longer get parries when attacking from behind. Uleashed Rage gives 8 Expertise, meaning you need 18 Expertise from Items/Reforging/Enchants.

      – 18 expertise equals 541 Expertise Rating
      – as Dwarf/Orc you need 15 Expertise since you get 3 Expertise from either mace or axe/fist specialization to each the cap, or 451 Expertise Rating

  1. How do you gear up for Spell Hit? I see Hit on items, but not Spell Hit. I know they are different, but until I find out how, I am gearing for Hit since I see my Spell Hit go up (altho at a lesser rate) when regular hit increases. I heard somewhere that Heroic dungeons have gear drops with Spell Hit….


    1. @kinophile
      +Hit Rating Conversion for Melee and Spell Hit is different. An Item with 100 Hit Rating will give 0.9761 % spell hit chance and 0.7809 % physical hit chance. By „gearing for spell hit rating“ my intention is to make sure you check under the Spell-Tab instead of the Melee-Tab. There are no special +SpellHit Items. The only exception is the conversion from Spirit to SpellHit if you have Elemental Precision.

      1. ok maye its jsut me but i think i misunderstand expertise concept..obvioulsy im enhance spell hit cap and my expertise is at 18/18 and of course im spec in unleashed expertise needed is 26.minus the 8% from my spec it gives 18..but looking at my wow tooltip it says i have 2.64% chance to get it me that is totally wrong or i should be expertise cap with my 18/18…for more details im draenei shaman..thx for your answer

  2. Dear Myrddin,

    i’m a troll enhancement shaman, and gearing up goes quite well.
    Unfortunately I havent been that lucky when it comes to weapons.
    I was wondering if you knew any good/easily obtainable epic offhands I could farm for?
    I’m currently using Twinblade of the Hakkari – which is a dagger and way too fast.
    Any feedback on this would be great, thanks in advance.

    Yeckei – Vek’nilash

    1. @Yeckei – Vek’nilash
      Yeah, Blizzard made it ratehr difficult for us to obtain proepr weapons. From my experience, even the windslicer for 900 justice points should give you much better dps than any dagger. Other than that Maimgor’s Bite shoudl become fairly cheap on the Auction House, but if you cannpt afford that I see only ZG/ZA or the PvP Offhand you can buy for 900 Honor (need to have 7000 earned the whole season)

  3. Hello, i was wondering what your stand is regarding Eye of Purification being our Bis Main hand according to Simcraft. i personally hopes it gets nerfed before i roll against Healers. what are you thoughts on the issue? will it be a repeat of 4.1 and Twilights hammer? or is it better not to deviate from agi weapons.

    Thanks in advance

    1. We’d hardly be enhancement that way. Sure we’d sue enhancement talents, etc … but in reality it is mroe about casting spells than hitting mobs with wepons. Certainly I do hope it will get adjusted and just hope that the value of mastery won’t be cut down. But honestly I have no clue how they are going to solve it.

  4. Hey Shammy bro=] i heard you are good so i decided to contact ya;p I have a favor to you if you can try to contact with me
    coz i have got many qestions as a ESHA by my mail or other way . Posting every single qestion would be hard.
    Regards Radain

    1. @Radain
      The main reason for this site is to have questions and answers, tipps and tricks online so people can have an easy access to these things. All the requests for individual char consulting I get via form, mail & whispers are sometimes a bit much. The information on this site should get you started well enough. If there are questions beyond that you can ask them here.

  5. Hello there Myrddin,
    Can you show me the best spec + glyphs for soloing as shaman 😀
    Checked your armory.. Second spec doesnt have glyph of lightning shield, but seems like the soloing spec =)
    Hope to hear from you 😉
    And maybe make a solo guide regarding spec + talents +spells 😀

    1. @Shazarth
      Thanks for the comment! A soloing guide is probably difficult to write, since a lot of things matter and some stuff my be nice for 1 encounter and suck for another. for example using Glyph of Stoneclaw or even Earthliving has its purpose as times – especially since you can unleash, place totems when silences (Void Reaver), but in general I am only using the first – PvE – spec … it fits most cicumstances. The second spec is only for PvP 1v1 you become pretty strong with Frostbrand on mainhand and Earthliving on offhand. You get insane heals this way + unleash + shocks + spec = +80% healing = 40k heals with instant casts + damage reduction + resilience + wolves. I find it pretty strong.
      The fights I have done will have a little help usually to the video on what to look out for on that fight, it is probably more helpful than a general guide if you list abilities, etc once more for the guys that haven’t done the encounter at all or a long time ago. You can always use the „Search at the Sidebar“ to see if I have already tried to kill the boss solo or ask here a bit more specific 🙂

    1. Thanks for the Question! Depends on how you want to approach the fight and if you are lucky with waves. For Yorsahj I use AoE Glyphs, the one that increased duration on Flame Shock and the one that increases the Range of Fire Nova. It may, at first glance, not be the best approach to the fight, but if you think about it you might reconsider.

      Optimal DPS:

      • Add wave Spawns, FS is active on boss, you wait for adds to approach cast Flame Shock on another add and spread it with Lava Lash
      • You have FS active on 6 targets and Fire Nova hits for ~7500 (avg) x 6 targets ~45k damage (~60k with unleash) to all targets in vicinity each 4 seconds
      • 10 seconds later (assume FS on boss ran out) you’ll have 10 Fire Novas running ~75k damage to all targets each 4 sec
      • If adds are up that long you could be at 15 Fire Novas after 20 seconds

      That is a best case scenario 😀 If people whine at you or AoE’ing to zerg the boss, you can explain them that 75k single target damage each 4 sec gives it more damage than our hardest hitting damage ability Lava Lash over 10 sec so it is best used single target DPS, too.

  6. Hello Myrddin. I am following your blog for quite some time now, great work and thnx for the valuable shaman tips. I was inactive in the game for about 12-14 months and just came back, mostly to play pvp with a friend. Can u post any guide of how to build the Enha talents and anyt tips of what priorities to have in it? Thnx in advance

      1. @lancelot
        Hmh, actually I remmeber the question and thought I did reply. But apparently I must have been carried away by MOP. At one hand I complain that not enough visitors post and on the other hand I do not reply. This is not good. I apologize for that!
        As for your question, there is only 1 real enhancement spec atm and I am using it. It is the primary enhancement/elemental spec and is the pve dps spec. I don’t really PvP, using my second spec with frostbrand/earthliving for some insane self healing abilities. This and some cooldowns can make you quite a capable flag carrier in some battlegrounds, but you kind of lose all burst in pvp gear … however on 1on1 (ganking!!! rawr) it is pretty strong, provided you have a lot of resilience.
        Our Priorities are still the usual stuff:

        Searing Totem
        Lava Lash
        Unleash Weapon
        Flame Shock (with Unleash Buff Active)
        Earth Shock
        MSW 5 – Lightning Bolt
        Feral Spirit

        As for gemming, reforging, enchanting
        Agility is our best stat, by far … it is so good that you do not go for socket boni, unless they are 20 agility+
        You reforge hit/expertise caps (the values are on this page) and put all the rest into mastery, Mastery is our best secondary stat and haste has a really really really low value.
        Keep these things in mind for enchanting your gear. Agi on Bracer, Cloak (it is on pair with crit, cheaper and it is Agi), Boots (not the runspeed one we have that passive), greater mastery on gloves, +20 stats on chest (we also get +20 hit rating from it from spirit to hit conversion) and Landslide on weapons.
        You can check my enhancement Shaman Stormforged on Ravencrest (orc) he has the gear that you can get without „raiding“ just by valor points and looking for raid. As second trinket you can safely buy Fluid death from justice points, it is ilevel 359 but really really good.

        If you want to go deeper into Shamanism, then – as I don’t have an up to date guide – I would suggest this page. Hope that helped!

  7. Hey Myrddin,
    Was wondering what build your using for MOP beta (enhance) was thinking about trying to get my 85 up to 90 and do some practicing. And to see the state of enhancement hoping they havnt mess us up to bad this expansion. Thanks Gene

    1. @gene
      There aren’t any builds for MOP. It is just a handful of Talents you can get and you basically choose them as you like. Personally I’ll go for Echo of the Elements and the Unleash Buff, but the rest of the Talents is pretty much your preferance.

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