Extendended Maintenance

Apparently there are difficulties after applying the patch 1.12 to the Realms. For now I can ony see one platform online and there is no eta for the rest of the Realms. The poor Realms that are up have already queues of 1500+ players.

Due to two separate issues the maintenance will be extended beyond the original ETA of 16:00 CEST. Please refer to the Breaking News on the game login screen for the latest news.“GameMaster

I suppose some poor technicians work like madmen at the moment 🙂 You can take your time and read the Patch Notes carefully. Rogues may want to try the talent calculator but of course the Worls of Warcraft Website is down as well

„The server at www.wow-europe.com is taking too long to respond.“

Hopefully the issues will be resolved soon.

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