Druid Speed Chart

Druids and how talents, enchants and other boni affect movement speed. This table is merely a copy from the European WoW-Forum in 2005, the original post has been gone for a long time.

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Run Speed Enchant:

As for the effect of the Run Speed Enchant, it is identical to the effect of Enchant Boots – Boar’s Speed, Tuskarr’s Vitality, the Arathi PvP Reward Boots, the Zangar Walking Stick, various Meta Gems and the Golden Hare Figurine. It will increase walking speed by 8% and none of these do stack.

Glyph of Aquatic Form:

The Glyph of Aquatic Form seems to increase the swimming speed up to 135% as you can read here.

„If you check your tooltip after using this Glyph, it is updated, and shows that you now swim „100% faster“ in aquatic form, essentially,133%.“


„Speed detection addons are stating the new swimming speed in aquatic form as 135%.“

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