Doku: The Wolves

ClipEin schönes Video mit Bildern und kleinen Sequenzen vom Grauwolf.


The Gray Wolf (Canis lupus; also spelled Grey Wolf, see spelling differences; also known as Timber Wolf or Wolf) is a mammal in the order Carnivora. The Gray Wolf shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), as evidenced by DNA sequencing and genetic drift studies. Gray wolves were once abundant and distributed over much of North America, Eurasia, and the Middle East. Today, for a variety of human-related reasons, including widespread habitat destruction and excessive hunting, wolves inhabit only a very limited portion of their former range. Though listed as a species of least concern for extinction worldwide, for some regions including the Continental United States, the species is listed as endangered or threatened.


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  1. Well moose are animals 🙂 god placed them on earth so we can hunt them and put food on our table. But your last comment will make you a sinner! i hope god forgive you for making such a violent remark against his brothers 🙁

  2. 【】皆様にご相談があります…どなたかお金にお困りの方おりませんか?私は自分のお金の使い道に困っております。自分の諸事情なのですが…どなたか5,000,000円受け取って下さる方いらっしゃいませんか?どなたにでもお譲り致します。条件等は一切ございません。いきなりこんな所に書き込んでしまって失礼を承知の上ですが、どなたかに受け取って頂きたく思っております。受け取って頂けるという方は、こちらから【】か又は、youtube内の動画検索にて『 わちや 』で検索して頂きますと、受取人様の準備がととのい次第最短30分程でお受け取りする事ができます。急な話で信じられないかもしれませんが、人生の転機は急に訪れるものです。お困りの方はご連絡の方お待ちしております。準備は出来ていますので本日中にでもお渡しできます。

  3. Those animals are not hated as much as the wolf. Evil sadistic wolf hunter/haters/ranchers exterminate wolves before so that why people are concern about wolves now b/c they could be endangered, exterminated again, killed in the most horrific inhuman ways. Humans doing wrong to wolves.

  4. I swear If wolves become extinct again then hogs are best revenge. They‘ breed like crazy (60 piglet/1sow), cost Texan billions of dollars, ate all their cops, ate deer, ate children, are mean and hard to kill, there’s millions of them. Google feral hog problem. Best animal to piss off a wolf hater.

  5. I am the light of truth, my word is law. Your petty insults cannot hurt me, for I am the king of the Fnuggelonians, ancient nemesis race to the wolves. One day, we will make neat hats out of the fur of every wolf on the planet! Then we will give the hats to the human people in order to subjugate them to the glorious tyranny of me, Fnugglor!! AWAIT OUR COMING

  6. Hitler, Cromwell, Josef Stalin, destruction of rainforest, endangered animals due to human machines and this was apparently all for the good of mankind. Killing and bloodshed. :3

  7. Wolves huskies all the same for me all beautiful :;) i love both dog and wolf cause without wolf there would not be a dog and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  8. humans think that animals… well let me put it THIS way:
    humans: oh lets take the woods and smash it, animals dont matter lets make more money!
    and they kill everything. i love wolves.

  9. I’m sure you do…
    Even for trolling, you’re terrible, however I like how you mentioned ‚wolves to kill‘.
    A fact that the majority of humans are selfish.

  10. Absolutely Beautiful,God has made such a wonderful animal,its such a pity that ugly humans with guns shoot them this world would be a better place if there were more wolves and less ugly humans !

  11. I don’t think all y’all should be so against hunting wolves. They would hunt us. However, I personally think wolves are the most beautiful animals there are. I personally wouldn’t hunt them I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. But if I was starving I would kill a wolf. All the stupid hippies need to understand hunting and eating other animal is a part of the cycle of life. Whether your a religious person or not. Cause even if your not its the cycle of nature to hunt and eat.

  12. The hippies have it all wrong hunting isn’t wrong. Hunting for sport is wrong. You have to know why you killed the animal and honor its presence in life so that it could feed you.

  13. YESSS!!!! I have finally found someone who shares the EXACT same opinion. I have searched so much for someone to say this, for a while I felt ashamed to say I liked this animal because of the people I would be associated with.

  14. People think that huntng wolves is wrong…and those people have never been more right. People think that one less wolf won’t matter to the world, but that one wolf turns into another one, and another one until that area is almost bare of them. I’m not a crazy hippie, I just stand firm in the presence of these beautiful creatures. Others think that wolves are pests that eat everything they work for. Thought they are wrong, they are just another piece in our food chain. And who eats wolves anyway

  15. I’d like to go to the (Wolf Park) in the future. There,you can get close to the wolves and take pictures with them. And maybe you’ll have a chance to play with the wolves. What a nice place there is!! The place just like haven to me.

  16. Wolves.. My simply „paws“ down favorite animals. They are just so misunderstood! When will we, humans, learn to finally understand these mysterious and gorgeous creatures, and give them the right they deserve to live without fear of being hunted! I am simply in love with them… One day, i was in a zoo ( I hate zoos, some of us just think we should keep animals captive) and i stumbled across these wolves. they stared at me so contently, and they were happy, i knew by the look in their eyes

  17. I agree! Why do some people think they are more important than us? We are equivelant, and, if anything i would stand up for them. Love em

  18. The last ten years I have spent with captive wolves. Many of them have such a love for humanity. And how do we repay this love and concern? With killing them. I think we are too terrified to see our reflection in their eyes.

  19. You guys are right. Wolves are such a kind of amazing animals throughout the world.Unfortunately,they are misunderstood and even inadequate treated by people.Now,they even become extinct . Their living environments are also getting less and less that cause them have less survival chance.The packs are getting less and less so we need to take actions to keep them save.And we should stp hunt

  20. My ex brother and law used have wolf for a pet it just wandered on to his yard one day and wouldn’t leave so he took him in named him nakita and every day I went over I would pet it. True story you see I am a wolf lover every picture. I got hanging are wolves. There is a sufferance between deer hunting and wolf hunting the sufferance is one is tradition and has been around ever since I was born and I’m 25 and the other shouldn’t. Happen at all. Stop the wolf hunting before it starts.

  21. I love this video so much! I love wolves, they are amzing creatures. Everyday I think about the things that are happening to them. I just wish it ccould stop. Its not fair to the wolves. We humans take it the wrong way and think they are evil and bloodthirsty creatures.Well thats not true. Think about it, if your favorite dog ever, was wild and tried to survive, killed it. Im sure you wouldnt feel good, would you? Wolves are
    dogs except for being bigger and wild. 🙂 They just want to survive.

  22. one deference is one of us is savage i’m not talking about the wolf we hunt for fun they hunt for life we kill our family they defend theirs we live on war they live on forest we are not the same they are better

  23. Wait im a retard I live in the yukon and two people got killed by a pack of wolves two months ago so shut your mouth you don’t know what you are talking about.

  24. Here in Maine U.S. we have the coywolf, or coyote/wolf hybrid that tops out at about 70 lbs(record 84 lbs). My deer hunter friends hate them and when I ask them why they say it’s because „They kill my deer…“ Ha! Can’t handle the competition I guess

  25. Although CardCollector is a douchebag wolves COULD kill you, they ARE predators after all. I have had the pleasure of petting a wolf in a sanctuary but I wouldn’t try it in the wild unless I basically lived around and with the pack for awhile…

  26. now people think wolves are so danger to us people like you now sense you know so much about wolves you know wolves don’t attack people for no reason they like every animal they have a reason now if people were smart they would under stand wolves instead of thinking of them as a danger they would only kill you if they have rabies or if your breaking their „rules“ learn there language understand them and stay calm i learned more about wolves then you ever will dumb ass

  27. did you ever think of why they killed people don’t understand animals they think we can do what we want hunt them (if they were hunting they deserve what they got) but really why were they out there in the first place and i know more about any animal then you ever will because i understand them i know their language.

  28. Each animal has a different language. How can you possibly know all of them when there are millions?
    I agree with your beliefs. However humans are like animals. There are good and there are bad. I am just saying that you think all animals are good but you don’t know what they are thinking. You can read their body language not their minds.

  29. man is used to killing everything .its a vicuis cycle they need to kill what they don t understand wolves have a right to be here.wolves only kill to eat or to kill for a lot less.i m surprised were not extinct

  30. I hope you get mauld like your friends they deserved it you are a monster you are more of a rat than the lowest scum on earth you retarded hypicritical ass hole

  31. instructions to start useless arguments.
    1) post comment.
    2) wait for reply.
    3)disagree even if you do agree.
    4)continously do that.
    5) then bring up things that don’t even make sense
    tada! you have successfully created an argument ^^

  32. We explain everything by our ‚intellegence‘. We kill creatures for money, we think were better that animals. We destroy the earth by burying rubbish in the ground. I dont wanna start an argument but is that intellegent?

  33. They are beautiful animals,but they aren’t good as pets.They have bone crushing jaws which can be quite deadly…one simple byte,and you better have a medical assurance.

  34. Well put. In a way animals are like people, just like people are like certain animals, they have their own personalities too. Some can be just plain mean, maybe they were mistreated and untrusting now. Some wouldn’t hurt a fly. But cats, don’t trust cats, if it runs they will chase! XD lol jk (but true with mine, that’s why I have a rat, the gerbil got out one night and ran, cats have that instinct to chase and catch, rats don’t run so my rat is fine with the cats)

  35. yo…. theyre still not endangered….. hunting is regulated???? i dont….. :/ you gaiz need 2 chek out dis link browse.
    deviantart . com/literature/?q=wolf#/d4gznst
    remove da space

  36. Wolves improve ecosystems – without wolves, ecosystems would collapse. Look at the Yellowstone Pronghorn for example!“

    This is known as the „emotional hook“. First, I just want to say that the wolves in Yellowstone today are not the native subspecies that were once living there before, but before I get sidetracked, I want to just say how the wolf has nothing to do with the Pronghorn conservation. Human settlement has been detrimental to their migration, which is what this species requires–

  37. in order to increase their numbers. Because they no longer have any migration routes and they are restricted to simply trekking up and down the National Park, it strips their recruitment levels because their lack of winter range. To add to this, coyotes mainly feed on their young – which is where the „hero wolf“ comes into the picture, because the wolf has practically killed all wildlife in Yellowstone, but let’s not get sidetracked again. The conservation of the prong horn—-

  38. Wolves are endangered.“

    If you mean biologically, then to put it bluntly, no. Gray wolves have a total world population of around 500,000.[16] If you are speaking of a specific area, say for example the U.S., then you are referring to a political sense. Biologically wolves are not endangered, nor have they ever been threatened with extinction.[17] Wolves are only politically endangered because environmental groups continue to sue the government for control of our land. There are also—-

  39. subspecies involved — however, the ESA does not recognize these, which violates the Vertebrate Population Policy of the Service. It is also said that the entire North American continent is suitable wolf habitat, yet the government and environmentalists are trying ever-so-hard to force them in the lower 48 states claiming „they need to be here“

  40. Friend could you tell me where I find a reserve of wolves, I’m from Brazil but I would like to know where she can find the reservation be any parents, please answer me, I await your response.

  41. Yes,it’s called fatal attraction.We humans want to have pets that no one else has…because what is rare is usually more valuable (such as wolfs,leopards,lions,tigers,coyote’s etc)…but what we don’t realize is that these are wild animals,so they don’t belong with us.It’s no surprise that most people which have exotic pets end up giving them away,but not before getting seriously injured.

  42. Wolves are the most protective creatures to ever live on this Earth. They will not attack a human unless they have disturbed their peace, family, or territory. Humans die to wolves for a reason, then people have to make rumors about how disgraceful wolves are when they should be saying that about themselves…

  43. I love wolves they are my favorite animal. They are sooo cute! And read this plz if you play on animal jam this is my username: lightningwolf13482. Im 9 years old by the way. I love wolves! There so fluffy!

  44. I was watching Mankind: the History of all of Us, and they had a bit on how Wolves were domesticated by Humans. I cried during that bit. To know that Wolves were once by our sides makes me smile. Now they’re hunted for for sport.. If I could, I would live out there with my family (The Wolves) and take every chance I could to kill a hunter. I wish the worst death upon the ones who hunt Wolves for fun.

  45. I am happy be human, for me mind is ultime gift of our kind, that there is cruelty, stupidity and ingorance, is with our race and will be as long as there will exist free will, possibility of making choices and easier way to make money
    From my perspective i wouldnt change my life to become some „peacefull“ creature,
    I adore them, but their possibilities to change the world are too limited
    We all dream about better world, but smbd has to make it
    BECAUSE I AM BATMAN..not really, but i wont give up

  46. actually, i’d wish i was my dog. To sleep around all day, without having to worry for what’s coming up the next day and to have humans providing you food and water: that’s the life!

  47. Wolves are one of the most wonderful animal species on this Earth. One thing that bothers me though is that people do not realize that wolves really are also cruel, savage and they sometimes kill & eat the weakest one of their pack. Damn popular culture.

  48. I am a owner of wolves. And have bred them. They are not cruel. They are amazing animals that are needed for the balance in nature. People who hate them are ignorant. And need to educate themselves.

  49. The thing is. They are pack animals. So when you own a wolf they either bond to you or they don’t. If a wolf truly does not belong to you. It will always break out and run away. But if it really feels as a part of your pack it will forever stay. So yes you can own them. Where do you think dogs cake from? The best parts that come from dogs like loyalty, love, etc a wolf has that. And plus some.

  50. How much more love does God who made the wolves have for you? So much he sent his only begotten son to die for your sins. Believe in the atonement of his sacrifice and live forever.

  51. yes there needed for a balance in nature but when there packs become to large and there numbers become to great we get a over balance in nature .and we all know the rest do the homework. to many meat eaters (wolf) to less food (deer)and what do we have nothing . wolf pack numbers are getting out of hand and we need to deal with it before its too late

  52. @excusia I am Jewish no thanks… I Know what the Torah says. God got it right the first time and doesn’t make mistakes. And jesus is just another pagan sun god just like mithra horus and so on.

  53. @jfk19780 I have done my homework and not a one sided investigation either. They are not out of control. And we are not running out of food either. Thats funny lol.

  54. nature has its ways of balancing stuff out on its own its US over hunting animals that is hurting the numbers of animals like deer don’t be so quick to blame another species which has done nothing wrong.

  55. yes this may be true but even nature sometimes needs a hand . as far as hunting goes i enjoy that elk steak just as much or more as the wolves do so wolves move over you have some compatition

  56. it shows them eating a dead bear, realy you should see them in idaho they will kill 4 elk and only eat maby 200 pounds total. they arnt anything usefull for them. nice vid though

  57. Why? Because they kill all livestock on a farm and prevent families from profiting of farm land. To people who have never experienced this they will never understand. Wolves are beautiful animals but they are killers and in the survival race between man and wolves… I’d much rather win

  58. Wolves only kill peoples live stock when their food spplies becomes extinct. Such as the moose being hunted by people and there is nothing left. A wolf only goes after humans sheep after they run out of food. The sheep may be the only prey left.

  59. I am afraid that’s not true. I personally hunt wolves in Northern Ontario where there is a abundance of wolves and moose. However wolves are incredibly intelligent and like man are oppertunists. I have personally seen wolves in the summer that ate all livestock on a familys farm. That family went broke, as for moose that comment is not true, if wolves find a food source (Livestock) they will go to it. I dont want to start a argument I just want people to be aware of what wolves are.

  60. Wolves don“t kill healthy prey all the time..only when they don“t find anyone else.Do you people at least read all they comments ?..and my comments ?…between taking food from a man“s courtyard and the wild which would you choose.Any creatures may to mistakes..but they..if wolves killed some little sheep there that grow like hell and we start killing all…then how would an advanced race see us when we butcher,rape,kill,steal, and even somethimes eat each other.

  61. This video is amazing. The clips, the pics, the music. It’s beautiful and it gave me chills. I’ve watched so many videos on youtube and this is the 1st I’ve commented on. Great job!
    BTW, I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!

  62. the funny part is that most of these ppl saying „save the wolves“ would most likely change their tune if a wolf decided to make a meal of one of their beloved pets…and what about coyotes..? wen taking down larger prey they form packs as well and can get pretty nasty too but u don’t see ppl taking up arms wen hunters start trapping them for sport..not dissing wolves i’m just sayin..

    btw great vid…very beautiful


  64. Same here. Wolves are intelligent, fearless predators. They can be deadly when in a fight, but are fiercely protective of their clan. They are loyal creatures that mate once in their entire life and remain loyal to their mate for as long as they live. They have a strange, alluring beauty. I think it is perhaps the aura of power and grace that they reflect, or the hidden elegance of this beauty that is so enticing. They are independent creatures, they are social yet distinct: a dark beauty.

  65. Did you know: wolves‘ brains are substantually larger than the average dog’s? 🙂 Perhaps there is more to be discovered about these magnificent creatures and the lives they partake that meets the eye.

  66. The North American native American once believed the spirit of the Gods resided in the wolf, together with one of man. On the Earth to teach man the ways of the pack and how to survive and prosper.

  67. Guys, I need your help.
    Krecika1988 once uploaded a beautiful video with the Title „The Moon Song (Wolves)“. Unfortunately, youtube blocked her video once an for all, and Krecika never revealed the title of the song of that video. If you have any information about it, please, reply to this comment, or post the info you have on her channel, so people can find the song. I don’t think Krecika is on this channel anymore, or she’s not replying.. so please, help me out if you can (:

  68. you may be able to email her, if you are that desperate for it. she has her email in her ‚about me‘ if you check out her personal page.

  69. It’s not only me who wants it. I’ve e-mailed her a while ago, I think her account is generally „dead“ because I never got a respond. Anyways, I’ve found her video and posted it on her profile so everyone can find it c:

  70. I see glad you were able to find it. I never saw that video of hers, just been going on a wolf video binge as of late. Marvelous creatures they are.

  71. Indeed. And I must inform you that, that video of hers was simply wonderful ♥ pretty much better than all her videos.. maybe her best in my opinion c:

  72. No love for the Ethiopian Wolf eh? Typical. There’s only 440 of those beautiful animals left, and yes, they will be gone in the next 10 years. But you lot probably don’t care, after all they’re not gray wolves.

  73. nope not at all…u sayin lil fellow means u must be a lil overweight…right? in that case how would u be able to run from them once you run out of ammunition since u gotta be in „range“.. just puttin in my two cents

  74. and when ur surrounded…sorry but unless you got somebody else by ya ur gonna get a bit chewed up..they dont come at u ina straight line..they will surround you before you even know it. I hate pitbulls bc ive seen what they instinct..what they were originally bred for–up in england, to protect crops for pretty much to kill anything that could destroy the crops..animals wise. i owned one thoroughbred, 2 owners, which the previouse owner i grew up with, and got „duke“ as a pup

  75. Uhhh..ole slewfoot, how many times did u comment on dis video? Of course, I have nuthin agents u and ur comments make sence, but… Just curious! I know this is none of my bisnuss ether.

  76. Wolves are often missunderstood, they need to hunt too, to survive. Every animal does, weather small or big, it doesnt matter.

  77. I feel the spirit of the wolf…..proud…strong…with honor.
    Brings forth the Pagan blood..a reminder of the long history of man and canine.

  78. I’ve seen what wolves can do as well, the hunting, the attack itself, mothers nursing their pups…The whole 9 yrds, nothing is more beautiful than watch wolves in my eyes…

  79. it sounds like the song is saying my name!!!! and also love wolves!!!!!! and I cant believe people hate wolves! there so cruel… wolves are just miss understood! there just like dogs!!!

  80. Ethiopian wolves look a bit like maned wolves. the wolves that were with Native americans were grey wolves. so naturally they became part of their culture. you dont see any ethiopian wolves where native americans lived do you?

  81. „Multiculturalism“ is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White countries.
    „Multiculturalism“ is a program to turn EVERY White country into a non-White country.
    This IS geNOcide. WHITE geNOcide.
    If you are White, and you object to your own geNOcide, you are called a RACIST!
    Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to the following two things:
    1 — Multiculturalism is a code for White geNOcide.
    2 — Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.

  82. Wolves are not at all misunderstood, that would be the Spotted Hyena you’re talking about. They are among the world’s most researched animals and are widely popular (except for the Big Bad Wolf in fairytales), too popular in fact. List of Popular cultures of Wolves include:

    – Man-Wolf from Marvel comics
    – Nightwolf from Mortal Combat (his Animality at least)
    – Hokey Wolf
    – Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers
    – Sabrewulf from Killer Instinct

  83. I’d like to correct a couple things in the description of this video. Gray wolves are not also known as Timber wolves. Timber wolves are a subspecies of the Gray wolf. Domestic dogs are also a subspecies of the gray wolf. Domestic dogs and Timber wolves descend directly from the Gray wolf.

  84. theyre* not just dogs, wolves are a serious problem for canadian bordering states, they kill just to kill, and kill herds of animals and devastate farmers and peoples lives, regardless of how beautiful and mysterious they are.

  85. There are tons of north american wolves this size, and they can travel in packs of 20 or more. One of these majestic monsters can eat an entire full grown man and still be hungry.
    Afraid yet?

  86. My heart goes out to the farmers and say let them handle the situation as they see best, but unless I’m mistaken and my numbers are wrong I think ratio wise the big bad humans kill more people percentage wise annually just for the fun of it [as well as other reasons too] than the wild wolves do.

  87. الذئب من أحب الحيوانات إلي، يثير إعجابي خصوصا وأن لديه قوى غريبة وخفية ومثيرة تحوم حوله….

  88. exactly! why can’t people understand that wolves just hunt to survive, not just for sport or to make them angry! They’re mad at them for hunting their chickens, cows, etc. well so do we. even though they hunt them, they always leave some behind alive, it’s not like they eat all of it. sorry for this comment seeming like a big deal xD i’m just saying. =3 Have a nice day! 😀

  89. i admit, it’s possible a wolf can kill a person when they feel threatended, and even though we’re WAAAY over populated, that isn’t good for a wolf to do that. I admit it’s not good and it’s sad for that to happen. See other animals like chicken, elk, caribo, etc? Now that’s understandable. They hunt those animals to survive. I understand why people hate them so much. But i just look on the bright side of wolves. =3 ppl like different things, & i respect that. 🙂 Let’s just all be nice and…

  90. like what we love and hate what we hate, k? 🙂 Oh and sorry for my last comment being so long. xD Now everyone have a nice day. :))

  91. wolves are sweet, sometimes. i actually have one in my foster care till he can be released. his mother was kileed by a hunter five months ago.

  92. wolves hunt to survive, but humans do to. sure, we hunt deer, elk rabbits, you name it, but most times, its for food. JUST, LIKE, WOLVES.

  93. okay you may have your reasons but wolves are just like human beings some of us do bad things that does not mean all of the humans in that area are the ones to blame. If a pack of wolves did something bad does that just mean all of the wolves in the world are bad, then what kind of world do we live in? I am saying this to change peoples image of wolves. I am ten, please don’t hate them. Watch some stuff on youtube on wolves that might change your Idea about them.

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  95. The relationship between wolf and man is beyond ancient. Science says we could well have started domesticating wolves 100,000 years ago. We were little more then animals ourselves then. We shared the forests, we shared the cold of the ice age, we hunted the same prey. Those wolves who walked closest with us became dogs. In time we abandoned the forests for farms and villages. The wolves, free and wild, would not follow us into the bondage of civilization like dogs.

  96. Let’s hope wolves will stop being hunted so much- We should learn to
    co-exist with them rather than kill them, and there’s been proof that it’s

  97. ya know i actually used to think wolves were pretty cool. Until i met
    wolfaboos. Now i can’t stand to look at wolves without my mind filling up
    with uncontrollable rage

  98. #savethewolves #KEEPTHEMLISTED #STOPDELISTING We need to keep
    fighting for them. If we don’t the government will take them off the
    endangered list and they will be none left.

  99. Carregado a 12/03/2007
    The Gray Wolf (Canis lupus; also spelled Grey Wolf, see spelling
    differences; also known as Timber Wolf or Wolf) is a mammal in the order
    Carnivora. The Gray Wolf shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog
    (Canis lupus familiaris), as evidenced by DNA sequencing and genetic drift
    studies. Gray wolves were once abundant and distributed over much of North
    America, Eurasia, and the Middle East. Today, for a variety of
    human-related reasons, including widespread habitat destruction and
    excessive hunting, wolves inhabit only a very limited portion of their
    former range. Though listed as a species of least concern for extinction
    worldwide, for some regions including the Continental United States, the
    species is listed as endangered or threatened.

    Licença padrão do YouTube

  100. Carregado a 12/03/2007
    The Gray Wolf (Canis lupus; also spelled Grey Wolf, see spelling
    differences; also known as Timber Wolf or Wolf) is a mammal in the order
    Carnivora. The Gray Wolf shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog
    (Canis lupus familiaris), as evidenced by DNA sequencing and genetic drift
    studies. Gray wolves were once abundant and distributed over much of North
    America, Eurasia, and the Middle East. Today, for a variety of
    human-related reasons, including widespread habitat destruction and
    excessive hunting, wolves inhabit only a very limited portion of their
    former range. Though listed as a species of least concern for extinction
    worldwide, for some regions including the Continental United States, the
    species is listed as endangered or threatened.

    Licença padrão do YouTube

  101. Nearly flipped out just now because after 5 years, I was JUST NOW able to
    Identify this song!!!

    Too fukin bad YouTube steals my joy by hosting up the title in the
    description like its no big deal. Dicks. >_>

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