Doku: Tal der Wölfe

DokuHabe diese Dokumentation des „Nature Channels“ auf Youtube gefunden. Es geht um ein Pack Wölfe, die Druids, im Yellowstone National Park. Das Video ist leicht verständlich und die Bilder sprechen für sich.

Die Doku ist in Englisch.

Nature: Season 26, Episode 2 – In the Valley of the Wolves

Explored is a pack of Druid wolves living in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park.

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  1. Hum…boy are you oblivious to the nature, which makes your feeble-minded comment insignificant. Just crawl back under that rock from which you came from you vulgar, ignorant, repulsive degenerate.

  2. I hope I find more about these wolves in other videos to come 😀 I certainly hope there will be more. I also wonder about the Big Lone Male in the other video, their pack wasn’t mentioned. Did they survive?

  3. 4:03 „Each winter, some 2,000 elk…descend into Lamar“… Just 10 years ago, that number was close to 20,000 elk. The wolves have decimated the once great herds of Yellowstone.

  4. wow long time watcher long time subscriber i love wolvs so much and thanx to you black7cloud i can now see as many wolf docs as i can!!!! thanx so much for up loading this vid its a truly amazing story

  5. truly amazing what an exalent story thanx black7cloud for makeing it posible for me to understand wolvs i have subed now for 6 months and i have liked all ur vids

  6. I Love this Druid pack. Their story is so epic. I’m so glad man’s ignorance wasn’t enough to erase the Wolf unlike it was with the Thylacine.

  7. I’ve been to Yellowstone twice, missed out on the wolves the first time, but got to visit Hayden valley the second time and see wolves from FARRRRR away.. lol they looked like specks in the distant but it was sooo cool. Plus yellowstone is beautiful. Watching this makes me want to go back again. 🙂

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  9. So what, they don’t attack people they avoid them. If you saw one attacking your live stock you can still shoot it. Remember we live on their land they just see your pets and live stock as food and competition. You can learn to live with it.

  10. Why do you hate wolves? Have they done anything wrong to you? Don’t worry, from what I’ve been reading, Idaho is allowing alot of wolves to be kiled. I think that’s a tragedy, since I have always been a wolf lover. Maybe, if you’d educate yourself abt wolves, you would’nt hate them. I have a feeling you’d still hate them. That is a shame.

  11. Idaho was full of wolves long before you got there… I’m sure they are just as annoyed that Idaho is now full of people, also thanks to our government.

  12. dogs are the descendants of wolves.they share the same DNA.animals did fine until humans arrived.the wolf has been persecuted for hundreds of years.hitler bred wolves to inspire the german shepherd.

  13. fish,game,and wildlife are bastards when it comes to wolves.alaska is going to be like the lower 48 thanks to hunters and fish,game,and wildlife.people win and wolves lose.they kill them in alaska so there is moore moose and deer.more moose and deer the more hunting,game and wildlife officials are killing wolves from helicopters.the tv stations in alaska run negative clips about wolves.KTVA CBS ALASKA is a prime persecuter of wolves go to KTVA CBS ALASKA AND WATCH THE VIDEOS.

  14. Im sorry but that is not true. The Sawtooth pack was almost completely wiped out because the were killing cattle and sheep. I think only a couple survived. The Druids where actually shipped in from British Colombia and if any remnants of the Sawtooth pack actually encountered the Druids they would have been killed just as surely as from a bullet.

  15. They had nothing to do with the Sawtooth pack ( See- Living with Wolves ,Jim and Jamie Dutcher) …. Search this article and it will give you the real info : Douglas W. SmithPhoto of Doug Smith.

    Ten Years After—An Intimate Account of the Yellowstone Wolf Story

  16. This is the 3rd episode that I’ve seen now where the pack is called ‚The Druids’… Special permits and Rights Associations would not allow more than one camera crew at a time, Footage of these animals is very difficult to gather, taking a couple of years to make one short hour + documentary… What is going on here? Any legitimate info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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