Do not use my pictures without Consent!

Warning: Do not use my pictures without Consent! It is a tedious process to get pictures removed on Instagram, Google, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, etc…

I spend most of my days hiking, taking pictures, post-processing them and training the dogs so are the best canine supermodels. This does not leave much time to search for people who steal my pictures and start the tedious process of getting them removed. I got tired of filling out huge forms with that require urls, details, names and the worst part to find the correct picture, among 60 000 others…

Fortunately I get direct messages, that help me locate copyright infringes… In some cases – pages I tag e.g. #thestatelyhound @thestatelyhound (awesome feed btw) – I want them to use my pictures and am fine with their usage… their non-profit accounts grow and I might gain a few followers… it is a win win situation.

Some other accounts feature Ninja as well… in most cases I am „ok“ with that, too. As long as I am tagged and marked in the picture and as long as it is a non-profit feed. In some cases I do not want to be part of these feeds and am generally content to just get the pictures removed. People are always on the safe side if they ask in advance. I am a nice person and in most cases I would allow the use of a picture for  a very special purpose, e.g. on your nonprofit-feed, for your tattoo, for your desktop and might even send you a higher quality version of it.

But one thing I cannot stand is if people take my work and want to earn money with it.

Since I got really tired of this and it took away a lot of the fun I have here on Instagram… I decided to use @copytrack as a service to automate most the process. They look for copyright infringements by crawling accounts, websites, etc and notify on a hit.

If I have been asked in advance I can say, „oh, I know the guy, I allowed him to use the picture on his Instagram!“ and declare the hit legal. But if no one informed me in advance, I will declare the copy illegal and copytrack will take over. They will offer to license the picture subsequently which can become quite costly, considering the licensing fees and attorney costs… and it is not my problem. Ask me in advance and do not post my pictures without consent.

Sorry for the long text… there is a cool video to that picture… I’ll post it later.

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