Cataclysm: No Worgen Shaman!

Not that I am particularly eloquent, but I have no words to express my disappointment with the newly announced race and class combinations for the coming expansion Cataclysm for World of Warcraft.

Race and Class Matrix

I was so looking forward to play Worgen Shaman, could already see that menacing Worgen, wielding fierce weapons in his claws, blood smeared over his mail armor, spreading slobber all around while baring his fangs ready to tear the enemy’s throat out – ROOOOAAARR!!!!11!!!.

It would fit so perfect … but now we get lol Priestlol Worgen and Roguelol Worgen … I personally find that they do not fit the class at all. And we have enough races that can do those already. ZzzzzzZ. Now I can dust in the Horde Orc Shammy I prepared to Faction Change into Worgen once it would become available – Awwwww!

The same goes for Goblins, I saw them already in plate gear, casting holy spells, casting hammer of justice. Instead they become the 4th shaman race for the Horde. With all their attraction towards technical devices and gadgets I just don’t buy them as shamans.

Here is the list


[table id=3 /]


[table id=4 /]

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  1. Wtf? Goblin paladin? Not a good fit at all. Ofc Goblin should be shamans. Shamans have no business in the Alliance from the beginning. Just as Paladins have no place in the horde. THAT is the big failure from Blizzard.

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