Burning Crusade (most likely fake) Hunter Talents

WoW Insider has published information about the coming Burning Crusade hunter talents. They are most likely fake but nevertheless interesting lecture. Follow the link for full details on talents and spells.
Hunter’s stat mechanics are being fundamentally altered.

  • In the current alpha, hunters only receive 1 RAP per point of AGI instead of 2.
  • They have lowered the agi/crit ratio for hunters to something like 33 (more like rogues)
  • They have boosted the dps value of all ranged weapons in the game by about 10%
  • from anecdotal accounts it sounds like you epic hunters will gain about 5% crit or so and lose about 400 AP. While your bows will be boosted in magnitude, (anecdotal accounts would place the boosted Ash’rethul on par with the Slavemaker from Naxx)
  • Hopefully that will leave you about in the same place, powerwise
  • This will however change what hunters look for in stats, and significantly change how your talents function, which may be why yours were saved for the second batch.

%crit and %hit will be replaced by crit rating and hit rating

  • this is to ensure a level scalability for crit/hit items. As levels go up, these static % bonuses would become more and more valuable, you’d see people at 70 running around with Blackhand’s breadth and other such items because they were still amazing.
  • This is for both melee and spells
  • at 60, 14 crit rating will equal 1% crit. Blackhand’s bredth will be 28 crit rating. At 70, that 28 crit rating will be worth something around 1.2% crit
  • This change may or may not make stats inherently more useful, as they often degrade at a slower rate (example, at 60 warriors require 20 agi for 1 crit. Going by the same scaling factor they’d require 23.3 agi for 1 crit at 70. If this is true, then for some classes, items with stats like Chromatic boots etc will be significantly more useful than items with +crit% for longer

Beast Mastery

Improved Aspect of the Cheetah
Bestial Discipline
Masters Influence
Natural Avoidance
Bestial Unity


Hawk Eye
Improved Scorpid Sting
Trueshot Aura
Ranged Weapon Expertise
Unparalalled Precision
Arachnid Sting
Hasted Response


Improved Feign Death
Mental Trap
Improved Mental Trap
Survival Of The Fittest
Master Survivalist


Sentry Owl
Frozen Arrow
Fire Shrapnel
Frost Shrapnel
Nature Shrapnel
Shadow Shrapnel
Track Invisibility

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