Burning Crusade: more information on Outdoor and Arena PvP

A post on curse-gaming.com forum shows many details on the PvP System in the coming World of Warcraft Expansion Burning Crusade. Read all details here.

The Author of the Post lists Outdoor PvP Objectives for Hellfire Peninsula („when all three locations are held by one side, everyone in the zone and inside the respective instances gain a buff that increases the reputation you gain while killing mobs„), Zangamar Marsh, („the difference between the marsh’s objectives is whichever side controls both towers not only gain a 5% damage buff, but also take control of the graveyard located between the two towers„) and Nagrand („first, players in the zone on the faction that control the city gain a buff that increases damage done by 5%. Second, there is a pair of NPCs that you can exchange tokens gained by killing people, and dust you gain by slaying mobs in the zone„).

Apparently the raid on the city has been well designed:

Assaulting this city has been so well designed that even if you don’t like Player vs. Player combat, this is something that people will be flocking to. At the mainland end of each rope bridge, there are wyvern posts that you can construct if the other faction controls the city. These wyvern posts when activated place 10 fire bombs in your inventory and mount you on a wyvern that is automatically flown above and around the city like a flight path. These fire bombs can be used and targeting like grenades. They each do 1000 points of fire damage, and place a DoT on the target that burns for 1% of their hit points per second. Now, this may not seem that useful against players, because 1% of even a 10,000 hit point tank is only 100 hp per second. The guards on this island have over 200,000 hit points, so well placed bombs and coordinated strikes can take down this city quickly. After every guard is dead, it is a rush to the center of the town where a flag is located. If every guard is killed they do not respawn so the assaulting team will not have to worry about fighting npcs at this point. The flag is controlled like the PvP objectives in the other zones, standing near it with more people than the other faction will start to shift control to your side. After filling the bar on the ui element for your faction, guards and npcs will respawn and your faction takes control of the city.

He also posted more Information on the Arena System:

The Arena is one of the biggest changes that have been announced thus far. Grab a handful of your friends and queue up for a skirmish (practice), or sign up a 2, 3 or 5man team for a 3 month season/ladder. Each roster can hold double the amount of people required for the arena, 5v5 teams can hold 10 people. Everyone who plays at least 30% of rated games for the team split the weekly arena points that the team earns.

So far only two arenas are open, Blades Edge Arena and Nagrand Arena. Nagrand is a simple layout with 4 pillars at each corner of the open terrain. The developers realized how bland a simple area like this would be, so they added tornadoes that circle the edge of the arena, throwing and damaging whoever comes in contact with it. The Blade’s Edge Arena on the other hand is a lot more complex, containing a bridge and pillars you can jump on top from the center of the bridge. Movement in this arena is key, for there are lots of areas which break line of sight and require melee to jump to reach casters.

Thanks for all the Information.

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