Burning Crusade: Arena System Summary

Thanks to Terrantal for pointing at this thread about the Arena Sytem. Its a nice summary of blue posts with more blue information in the thread.

Since I like numbers the most I here is a blue post from one of the pages at the end of the thread:

To clarify with an example:

– Let’s say you’re on three teams (one of each format).
– Let’s say that at the end of the week, each of the teams you’re on ends at a 1500 rating.
– Assume that you were an active player on each team (played in at least 30% of the team’s battles)

Results at the end of the week:
– Each active player on the 5v5 team would be eligible to gain 408 arena points
– Each active player on the 3v3 team would be eligible to gain 244 arena points
– Each active player on the 2v2 team would be eligible to gain 163 arena points

So, you’d gain 408 points that week.

Note: in the example I provided above the 1500 refers to the team’s rating. The number of points an active player gets from a team is derived from the rating value plotted on a logistic curve.

Also, one of the points I was trying to illustrate above is that active players on that 5v5 team will gain 408 points each. This is the case regardless of whether there are 10 total active players on that team (the max possible), or merely 5 active players (the practical min).

We don’t want to „split“ points among active players, as that would encourage you to not have alternates on the team, and we don’t want to pressure you to minmax the system by always having the min number of players for a team.

I think this will give you an impression how long you need grind until you get your points needed for the better rewards.

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