Borked progresses in Karazhan and Slant retired

Borked Guild on Ravencrest has started to raid Karazhan and nothing is stopping us. There is the usual learning to play new encounters but also as usual Borked progresses with the world best guilds and killed King Maulgar. It was a great thing to see everybody at 70 so fast and then immediately focused on getting the attunements done. See pictures and the story of the encounter at the Borked Homepage.

Along with 2 Shamans I am far behind though. As i stated before I really do not want to play the night elf Slant anymore and thus it was a burden to level him to 67.

So I started a new Rogue, Slanty which is a human and approaching the 50's at the moment. I plan to get Blacksmithing with him to get the Hammersmith Maces and then to totally focus on Haste to maximize effects from Combat Potency.

The constant leveling keeps me from posting at the moment, but in a short time I should be back with the full news you are used from this website. Feel free to leave comments.

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