Blizzard Insider Interview Transcript about changes in PvP System

Blizzard Insider has published an Interview about the past and upcoming changes to the PvP System with Lead Game Designer Tom Chilton. It covers these hihglights:

  • The Past of PvP
  • Balancing PvP and Raids
  • Lessons of the Battlegrounds
  • The Arena System
  • Arena Teams
  • Experiencing the Future

Read the Full transcript here or download and listen to the Interview here.

But it’s nice knowing that when I see something that feels broken, there’s something that can be done about it. It also helps me stay in touch with the player base because, like a lot of other players, I’m part of a guild. I hear people that are in the guild saying, „This particular aspect of the game feels screwy, and I really don’t like how it works,“ etc. If I hear that enough, it’s very easy for me to say to myself, „You know what, I think this is really something that needs to be improved or changed.“

Haha. I wonder how many players will now start to whine in their guildchat if they want a change 😉

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