As You may have seen I spent many hours to answer direct messages yesterday that…

As You may have seen I spent many hours to answer direct messages yesterday that piled up while I was travelling and busy doing behind the scenes stuff.
I still have a lot open concerning my training methods… Ninja was not easier, than any other husky.
In fact Esther, where I got Ninja from warned me that he was lazy and naughty, he“d only know how beautiful life can be… „Just like You!“… „Please what?!?!“ 😆
Ninja found it cool to go on hikes with me, but totally ignored me outside… He was having fun.
A trainer told me many years ago, that I am too boring… Why should a dog pay attention to me? So with that in mind I no longer gave Ninja food as a regular meal.
Instead I used the food on our hikes whenever paid the slightest bit attention to me. Sometimes, I stopped walking, threw a pellet to the side and looked at it… It may have taken 5 minutes but eventually he was curious enough to check out what I was looking at… I hid pellets in the bark of trees, threw them into tall grass, digged then in… and within a short period of time he knew that it pays off to watch what I am doing… and to cooperate.
Additionally I did handfeed Ninja… Each day for tricks… I had to find new tricks to teach… and eventually trained him in quiet places outside… then at busy places… then at busy places with distraction… I taught him impulse control by lot letting him eat certain treats and allowing others… So he learnt to pay more attention to me 😊😊
The method I use is positive reinforcement and marker training…
It was not an easy start. It was frustrating, especially at the start… I was in over my head, I was impatient, expected too much…
But I continued the training, every day… and eventually started to understand him and Ninja started to cooperate… all of a sudden it worked well as I noticed that we bonded… it became fun and we both enjoyed our daily ritual…
I am no dog trainer and can’t give you advice on how to train YOUR dog… but I am certain, if you read about positive reinforcement and marker training and advance the training in little steps of 5 minutes a days you will likely see some results…


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  1. This is incredible information! To see you two now you would think that it was instant bond. Awesome to read this story. We can clearly see the love and respect he has for you. As someone who has trained several dogs over the years I know this was absolutely no easy thing that you have accomplished!

  2. Training huskies takes lots of patience! And that’s definitely something I don’t have. However Titan is off leash now thanks to his ecollar. If he doesn’t have it on, he will take off on me and run for hours. It took 2 years for me to find the right fit for him! I never gave up on him. It’s sad that most people give up on these beautiful creatures because they don’t want to put the work into them!

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