As mentioned yesterday, I got a lot of requests to upload pictures of Ninja as a…

As mentioned yesterday, I got a lot of requests to upload pictures of Ninja as a Story, so you can use it as a wallpaper. I will do this each wednesday.
I hope you are happy with my choice 😊
These are for personal use only, commercial use not allowed.
As you can see in our story Ninja had a fun walk with his son @kaihu_und_hadez this morning while I had my appointment at a German court. It was a good day and I finally got some government help that took several years to get this through… so I am really happy and also a bit exhausted.
I missed Ninja last night. He stayed with Frank and I will be happy to see him again, soon.
If you have questions do not be afraid to ask 😊


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23 Antworten auf „As mentioned yesterday, I got a lot of requests to upload pictures of Ninja as a…“

  1. @olannaskrinnik He knew the basics of marker training. He gets a reward when he does something right. Then I rewarded him when he looked at me… then when he held the look a second… then I only rewarded that when the mouth was closed… then I only rewarded when he looked at me and put his ears forward… that is really all… and should go fast… it is an easy trick.

  2. @john_l_silver we have a story highlight on our profile that covers this in detail. In a nutshell.. Ninja is a purebred Siberian Husky… especially in this shot you can see it

  3. @penguinsflyinthesea One of the weaknesses of wolfdogs is that they are timid and may have aggression vs same sex when they mature. The idea is to get a low content wolfdog that loses little of his wolf appearance while gaining positive traits like being open and friendly… just as @kaihu_und_hadez and the other Offspring I have met.

  4. @ninja.vom.wolfstor I’ve read you had influenza and are recovering from something with your lungs; very glad to learn of your improvement but where can we read about what has happened to cause such malady?
    So grateful to find you both here on IG!

  5. @soroushgln @mme.lyons I did not go to the doctor, got bronchitis, that turned into influenza, then into pneumonia and then even worse. I am lucky to still be here. Ninja does not need help… he IS MY help, but now I have additionally a competent human at my side that will help me manage these things. I am highly intelligent and can solve extremely complex things but at the same time fail at everyday stuff.

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