All Burning Crusade Arena Rewards

Here is a list and screenshot of all Arena Rewards that can be found in Burning Crusade. Take note that rated Arena matches will only be available at Level 70. All other matches will be skirmish mode only and You will not even receive honor points. If You won 10 matches in Your Arena Team You have achieved all You could and more rated matches can only make You lose and thus reduce the Arena Points you can receive.

Take a look at this thread on the official WoW Forums for more details on the Arena System.

But here are the screenshots You came for:

All Burning Crusade Arena Reward Weapons Arena Reward Weapons

All Burning Crusade Arena Reward Armor Armor Reward Armor

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  1. Hello, I’ve recently chanced upon your blog and I have questions I’m dying to ask. When you say a „match“, do you mean a single fight? or is it a series of fights? And I need clarification about your example, do I just need to win ten matches on a daily basis or is it weekly?

    I’m really interested in just purchasing the weapon rewards and my would-be arena team is composed of people whom I’ve pvp’d with for a long time, we’re usually capable of winning 90% of a 10 vs. 5 encounter on BG’s provided that our opponents aren’t tier 3 equipped. With these estimates, how much do you think we need to play in a week to get a single arena weapon?

    Hope you could answer these. Thanks, in advance.

  2. I refer a match as a single fight, yes. As posted on the thread you get the maximum points per week only for winning matches/fights. If you win 10 fights and lose the 11th you will get less points than if you just did 10 fights, which is the minimum. There is no difference in awarded points for winning 10 fights (minimum) or 30+. However if you lose your 31st fight then you will also not get the full rating for the week. You can use the search function on this website for further information or click here for an overview on the maximum points rewarded per rating of your team. Then you can estimated how long it will take to get the rewards, as it also depends on your teams rating.

  3. Thank you very much! Our team decided to give Arena pvp a go when it goes live, right now our skirmish/practice is doing really well (though, that might change when people get motivted and get serious) and we can’t wait to reap the rewards. You’ve been a great help!

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