2 videos, swipe! Yesterday we have been to the Black Forest. I was picking up o…

2 videos, swipe!

Yesterday we have been to the Black Forest. I was picking up our new delivery of raw meat and noticed that the trees at the very top of the mountain were covered in frost. So I decided to make a little detour in hopes of finding some snow.
The dogs love snow… Hadez loves to roll in the snow and to slide down a slope sideways laying on he ground.
Ninja was also very happy to dash around in the snow.
We did 3 different hikes… One at a lower region at the river Rhein and one at the snow border, with just a few patches of snow and then one higher up with loads of snow.
Ninja was super responsive so I could let him roam free, while Hadez after some time smelled a fresh trail of game and I preferred to keep him leashed.
I made more than thousand pictures so we did not really walk a long distance. Instead I had to try to keep the dogs attention on me.
It is pretty easy with Ninja, usually when I stop, he stops as well and checks what I am doing, and comes if he is uncertain what to do.
This required a lot of training when I first got Ninja and still requires a few refreshers now and then.
So I love to play these games… I wanted to see Ninja fool around or growl. He often does that when I let Ninja walk backwards. He was very calm and there was not much protesting, but you can see how a tired Ninja ( it was our third hike after all within 6 hours ) enjoyed the interaction.
Hadez ( @kaihu_und_hadez ) was very indifferent to all this. Probably wondered why Ninja was all of a sudden goofing around like this.


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