100 000 Followers . I am still a bit overwhelmed by the latest success of our V…

100 000 Followers 🙌😚😊
I am still a bit overwhelmed by the latest success of our Video.
About 2 years ago I started with Instagram, because I was jealous of Frank from @kaihu_und_hadez
He is the human of Hadez, Ninjas son.
I saw that he had 2000 followers on Instagram and I decided to give it a try as well.
It became fun to try to improve my photography for each shot, each day. I constantly read about composition, rule of thirds… watched tutorials on editing… improved my hashtags and introduced a personal touch to my posts…
Slowly we caught up… and eventually reached our friends. By that time I started enjoying the daily challenge to better myself and it pushed me forward.
We met lots of friends that grew their accounts with us and I know without You we would not be where we are now. Thank You @thestatelyhound @lovewolfcommunity_ @dogs.media @lovewolfstore for your continued support, features and shoutouts.
Most of all thank You to everyone who enjoys our content, loves to follow our stories and takes part in our daily life. Without the continued feedback I would probably have stopped long ago, but all the feedback and dm’s are simply encouraging.
I had an idea, that I’d give away a free print of Ninja to anyone commenting below.
You do not need to follow me or anyone else, you do not need to tag anyone… BUT… I would honest feedback (required). What do you like/dislike on this feed? What keeps You returning here?
Thank You to everyone of You 💞


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17 Antworten auf „100 000 Followers . I am still a bit overwhelmed by the latest success of our V…“

  1. Hey, ich bewundere deine Arbeit mit Ninja sehr! Man sieht, was für eine starke Bindung ihr zueinander habt. Das ist so viel wert. Respekt

  2. Because you put Ninja’s needs and best interests first! And that’s reflected in his character. That’s the way to live with a pet!

  3. Ich liebe einfach deine Fotos. Und Ninja natürlich auch, und das obwohl ich eigentlich nicht so der mega Fan von Huskys bin. Er ist einfach ein Eyecatcher 🙂

  4. Congratulations! You definitely earned it! To he honest.. I have no negative feedback whatsoever nor could I even come up with any. Just positive! I return for the amazing photos and warm feeling that your account brings. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing Ninja!?? Haha.

  5. I like everything on your feed, between the amazing pictures of Ninja and the long dialog that goes along with the picture. I also like to see, in your videos, how much you love Ninja and how much he loves you. Your post inspire me to be a better photographer and dog owner.

  6. Love this!! One suggestion: perhaps add an interesting post once a week or twice a month wth a special location in Germany (or wherever) that delves into the locations history! Might be an interesting twist for people who have found your account and don’t know much about the country/culture. 🙂

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