One of the primary advantages of a website is its ability to reach customers around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ensuring proper functioning of all elements of a website is essential.

Even a potential 99.9% uptime implies a 7 hours outage per month. Short service interruptions remain unnoticed and even lasting outages may escape detection due to the lack of constant manual service checks.

Any malfunction, unavailability, or underperformance results in loss of traffic, revenue, communication, image, or credibility, and requires substantial additional expenses to rebuild and restore.

Monitoring is a great solution tool to become instantly aware of these problems and you can take action before it affects your business processes.


  • Jeremy Mayes analyzed 1000 banner clicks and found that 11% of AdWords are wasted on dead pages.
  • Zona Research says: „Slow Websites Cost $25 Billion in Lost Sales! … This includes more than $21 billion per year lost when users abandon a website because of excessive delays in web page downloads.“

What you can monitor

  • applications
  • services
  • operating systems
  • network protocols
  • system metrics
  • network infrastructure


You can send alerts via email or SMS to guarantee that it instantly reaches the right people.


It is possible to detect capacity problems and provide excellent support with upgrades.


Records of outages, notifications and alerts provide great tools for analysis.

I have set up an example environment for you here (Username: guest; Password: guest).