Ruf der Wildnis // Call of the Wild Ninja Style

Ruf der Wildnis // Call of the Wild Ninja Style

Ab 20. Februar 2020 nur im Kino

„Ruf der Wildnis“ von @20thcenturystudiosde

in den Deutschen Kinos. Schaut ihn Euch an 😊

As I have described last week, Ninja and me were invited to a survival camp in the far North of Germany.

The trip was sponsored by @20thcenturystudiosde
and the training was conducted by @taffetoelen and the „Outdoor / Survival – Schule Malente“

Thank You for taking good care of us and teaching us the ways of nature.

I am so proud of Ninja as he had a few really tough days. We spent 17 hours travel time as well as having to face challenges that Night ja had not done before.
It was the first time Ninja had been on a boat and the first time he was carried on a stretcher. In the end he placed his trust in me and we got the pictures we needed.

When we were filming the hunting and trap section Ninja found some wild boar 🐗 and I was able to recall him when he was already dashing away. I am so proud of him. A less trained dog could have gotten hurt and angered the animals.

Also Ninja is not fond of water and I was so proud that he stuck his nose into the water to fetch the trout.

I think I may have smeared fish over Ninja when cuddling him, over the camera, my jacket and clothes which is probably the reason I was sick all weekend with an upset tummy. While not feeling good, I definitely feel better now and consulted a doctor to help improve further.

All in all it was an amazing experience and possibly one day I will be able to return to Malente for more lessons.

Until then I will watch Harrison Ford’s adventures with Buck in „Call of the Wild“ which starts this Thursday 20.02.2020 in Germany 😊


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