How to stop unwanted Crawlers, Bots and Spiders!

Do you know the feelign when sometimes there are more bots than visitors crawling over your site? You look at their websites and realize they are just some crapbots doing stuff that will not benefit you or your site at all. Instead they are just choking up your bandwidth. sometimes when this little server gets overwhelmed by requests the last requests in the log came from bots, especially baidu spider.

I decided that this has to stop!

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Firefox, custom Webfonts and CDN issues

This one took me a while to figure out. On my main site I am using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver files from different domains and speed up page loading times.

With the new design I am using a custom font and it displayed properly up till I activated said CDN. All Browsers but Firefox continued to properly display the Font and ofc I thought at first that it was my own fault.

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WordPress updated Permalink Structure, rewrite htaccess

After 5 years of writing and getting tired of linking urls that look like I thought it would be nice to get rid of the date part and shorten urls for irrelevant information. The whole purpose of the standard „year/month/day“ structure is to make it easier for wordpress to recognize an url as belonging to a post.
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How to upgrade SuSE 10.1/Plesk 8.4 to CentOS 5.5/Plesk 9.5

This Server was set up in 2007 on SuSE 10.1 & Plesk 8.1, but meanwhile SuSE 10.1 reached end of life cycle and is no logner being supported. It got increasingly tedious to keep up to date with current security patches. The main reason for delaying an upgrade was that SuSE isn’t very good to upgrade form each build to the next and this server runs several productive realms and databases.

Nevertheless I had been looking around for a decent new Operating System and decided to go for CentOS as it is very friendly towards upgrades.

Anyway here is how I did it.

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Improved Performance, basics

For a couple of months I have been moody about this site’s performance. This server serves only a couple of domains and this is by far the most visited of them – yes, really 😀

This server is a vServer from a mass hoster running on ancient hardware shared with other people and I assumed it was one reason aside a bloated WordPress install with loads of plugins that raised response times to an unendurable degree. We had like 5 seconds on a cached page before anything was even served.

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